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about childhope

Founded in 1986, Childhope acts as an international advocate for street children, promoting awareness of their situation and the development of innovative services for street children around the world.

Childhope has dramatically expanded its international alliance on behalf of street children in recent years, with offices in the United States, Great Britain, Brazil and the Philippines.

Childhope's activities around the world include:

  • Technical and financial assistance to local programs that provide services to street children and their families;
  • International advocacy efforts, including campaigns to raise awareness among private and governmental leaders;
  • Development of street education and other non-formal education programs to reach homeless and working street youths, as well as vocational education and jobs projects;
  • Support of innovative health projects for street children, including primary health care, AIDS education and prevention, and drug abuse education and prevention;
  • Educational programs to inform children in the industrialized world about street children in the developing world;
  • Action-oriented research projects on the conditions of street children, and on particularly vulnerable populations such as street girls.
  • Assisted in the production of "Children Underground," an award-winning film about a group of street children who live in a subway station in Bucharest, Romania.