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Here are some examples of the types of programs Childhope runs or supports around the world:

  • Working with Forgotten Children, Childhope provides funding to small community based programs in rural India to fund the education of low caste children and makes loans to their families to start a small business for long-term income generation.
  • With funding from the European Union, Childhope established centers for street children in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria.
  • Childhope assisted in the funding of the first community-based, free health clinic for street children and their families in Bucharest, Romania. Today, the clinic includes a shelter and car-wash business which employs the older youth who live at the shelter. The business was purchased with funds raised by Childhope.
  • Development of a curriculum for street educators in Central America, with the assistance of the International Association of Schools of Social Work, which helped to establish the early guidelines for this unique kind of outreach to street and working children.
  • Vocational education and work opportunities for street children in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • A three-year AIDS education/prevention project in Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with the State University's Adolescent Health Clinic, which targeted 20,000 kids.
  • A "safety net" program in Rio called Projica to protect street children from violence, human rights abuses, vigilantes and "death squads."
  • Formation of the Pro-Meninas Network to work with street girls throughout Brazil.
  • Established the first primary care health clinic and school for the growing number of street and working children in Tirana, Albania.
  • Supported caseworkers in Honduras who bring children living on the streets into centers where they are fed and schooled.
  • Training and technical assistance to programs across South Asia, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Cambodia and Laos.